A @dunkin donuts topped drip cake for a double birthday party✨🍩🌈💗 #cakedup @cakedupcafe cakedupcafe Caked Up

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this Easter Saturday our best ever!🐰💞 We are open tomorrow from 9am-2pm, and we are sold out of some Easter cakes and the easter platters, but we will have plenty of other treats like these quiches, piñata cookies, crumb cake, jars, cupcakes, cookies and more so stop by!🎂🌸 #cakedup
It’s 4/20🍃 You know what that means, our annual giveaway🎉 From 4:20pm to 5:00pm we’ll be giving a half baked cupcake out, just show this picture!🍁 One per customer, while supplies lasts🎂 Also check out our story for all the #easter treats we have today🐰  #cakedup #420
We are fully stocked for the weekend!🌸🐰 We’ve added mini quiches to our Easter lineup, and we’ve already sold out of piñata cookies twice, so stop by early!🎂🎉 remember everything is first come first serve, we open at 10💐 #cakedup
Full Case🎂💐 We’re open tomorrow and Saturday in New City 10-6 and Sunday from 9-2, so stop by to pick up treats for your #Easter festivities 🐰🌸 #cakedup
Feeling like #spring 🌸🎂 Flavors like mint chocolate chip, creamsicle, and lemon we’ll have all weekend long🎉 Everything is first come first serve, while supplies lasts🐰 Check our story for our #easter hours 💐 #cakedup
Croissant topped cupcakes #ftw 🥐🍫🎉 #cakedup *available in New City only*
Glittering 🦄 Cupcakes🎉 Tomorrow is the last day to place Easter orders, so stop by or call the New City store, we close at 3!🎂🐰 #cakedup
Swipe to see the breakdown of all the grab and go cakes we’ll have for Easter🐰🎂 If you’d like to have one put aside, contact the store directly or come in, but remember all orders must be placed by this Sunday, after that it’s first come first serve! 🌸 #cakedup
Mocha Latte #Macarons ☕️🍫 Filled with espresso buttercream and ganache 🤤*available for pickup in New City only, while supplies lasts* #cakedup
Happy #nationalunicornday 🌈🦄 #cakedup
Lemon raspberry macaron cupcake🍋🎂 The New City store opens back up tomorrow at 10, so call to place your orders for Easter by the end of the week!🎉 (the cutoff day is 4/14, menu and more info on our Easter highlight) #cakedup *New City location only*
Matching first birthday cakes✨🎂💞 Easter menu and prices up on our story and a highlight on our page! We open back up in New City on Tuesday, call or come in to place your orders before the 14th!🎉 #cakedup
Super cute pink and gold cake with raspberry macarons and gold leaf🌸✨🎂 PSA: Our Easter menu comes out this Sunday! We’re sorry for the wait😬 #cakedup
Gangs all here🎂  #cakedup #sesamestreet
This years #Easter platter is looking extra adorable 🌸🐰 Also available are our passover platters too! Remember all orders have to be placed before April 14th, after that everything is first come first serve 🎉🎂 #cakedup
Is #mermaidmonday a thing? If not it should be 🐚🏝🌊🧜🏼‍♀️ #cakedup
We like our cake with extra pasta 🍝 #sundaydinner #cakedup (all the pasta is actually handmade out of fondant, even the spoon🤫)
Confetti Crumb🌈🎂🎉 #cakedup