scene: texas girl sees a lot of snow for the first time @jenniferduplessie jenniferduplessie jennifer duplessie

Just looking for future home inspiration... 💭
Baby your mind is a radio 🎧

This is also a Bluetooth speaker. Excuse me while I order 12 on Amazon. What’s your favorite song?
Best. Morning. Ever. 🌼
these bags are not designer and my blazer is from goodwill
woke up a 23-year-old in the most beautiful place in dc 🍾
my valentine every day of the year 🤟🏼💓
my snakeskin pants and this latte make the ultimate dynamic duo
some new snakeskin pants and some old records meet on a sunday...
hope your Monday was as great as this AMAZING sunset that I caught for only a few seconds last evening. it still made my entire day. 🌈
hiding from the cold with dc’s best latte at @cafegeorgetowndc ⭐️
As a full-time copyeditor, part-time photographer, and someone who probably spends too much time on my phone, I rarely take my eyes off of screens. I used to end everyday with a headache, but since my friends at @phoneticeyewear kindly sent me a pair of their eyeglasses, I end my days headache free! The glasses block harmful blue light and reduce symptoms of eye strain. Not to mention they’re CUTE and AFFORDABLE! Use the code “JDUP” to get 10% off your entire purchase. Protect your eyes, people! ⭐️ #ad
treated myself this sunday ⭐️ how was your weekend?
hi from my little dc apartment circa Sunday afternoon 💭
still fantasizing about the winter wonderland this weekend 💭
walked outside to a WINTER WONDERLAND and this little Texan could not be happier. it’s my first year experiencing real seasons and I’ve loved it so much. do you love or hate the snow? ❄️
Soaking up the sun on this lovely Sunday. It’s rare that I see a sunny and somewhat warm day in D.C., but I celebrated with brunch and a walk around Capitol Hill. What did you do this weekend? 🌞
Started the new year ~extra~ with my BFF. But really, 2018 was a big year of change. I graduated from Texas A&M (whoop forever), got my first big girl job, and moved across the country. This has been my first time living outside of Texas and away from my family, and being completely independent (financially and otherwise). It has been the true definition of “figuring it out.” Some days are really difficult—what you DON’T see on Instagram. Sometimes you just want someone to talk to; sometimes you get frustrated because you barely make rent and don’t want to eat ramen noodles for the fifth night in a row; and sometimes you want to cry because someone was having a bad day and decided to take it out on you. But other days, you feel refreshed by the city; you feel inspired by your new friends; and you feel thankful to be such a small person in a place with such big dreams. I feel all of that. But most importantly, I’ve learned an incredible amount about myself, the world, others, and adult things I won’t bore you with. God brought me to a place I dreamed of years ago, and I constantly have to remind myself how blessed I am because it’s too easy to take for granted. 2018 was a year of growth, and I’m ready to refine in 2019. Thank you to those who showed me kindness and love in 2018—I appreciate it more than you know. I’m ready for a hell of a ride this year.
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•°``°•.🌹¸.•°``°•. ‎کٌٌٍٍٍٍْْْْلَمًـآتٌـکْ آروٌعٌ مًنِ آلَخِـيــــآلَ وٌأجّـمًلَ مًنِ ضًـيآء آلَقُمًــر أحًتٌــرت فيما اكتب لَک فُـکْتٌـبً آحًتٌـرآمًي وٌتٌـقُدٍيري لَکِْ ِ .•°``°•.🌹¸.•°``°•. ะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะะ🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷❀ #رووعــه➸❀ #ابــــداع❁➸‎❀🌷 #ذووووق❁❂➠.‎❀🌷 #نايــــس❁❂✾➸‎❀🌷 #حركاااات❃❂✺❁➠‎❀🌷فنتاكسـات✾❂✺✾✿➠🌷 ‎❀🌷 #استتمرر✾❂✺✾✿★➠🌷‎❀🌷 #ابدددداع✾❂✺✾✿⇒🌷‎❀🌷 #ابــــداع✾❂✺✾⇒‎❀🌷 #ذووووق✾❂✺➠‎❀🌷 #اامـــير✾❂➸‎❀🌷 #بكلامـك✾➪‎❀🌷 #ذووووق➸‎❀🌷 #رووعــه➸‎❀🌷 #ابــــداع❁➸‎❀🌷 #ذووووق❁❂➠‎❀🌷 #نايــــس❁❂✾➸‎❀🌷 #حركاااات❃❂✺❁➠‎❀🌷فنتاكسـات✾❂✺✾✿➠🌷 ‎❀🌷 #استتمرر✾❂✺✾✿★➠🌷‎❀🌷 #ابدددداع✾❂✺✾✿⇒🌷‎❀🌷 #ابــــداع✾❂✺✾⇒‎❀🌷 #ذووووق✾❂✺➠‎❀🌷 #اامـــير✾❂➸‎❀🌷 #بكلامـك✾➪‎❀🌷 #ذووووق➸‎‏🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🍃🌷🌷 __________🌷🍃🌷 _________🌷🍃🌷 _______🌷🍃🌷 _____🌷🍃🌷 ____🌷🍃🌷 __🌷🍃🌷 _🌷🍃🌷 🌷🍃🌷 🌷🍃🌷 _🌷🍃🌷 __🌷🍃🌷 ___🌷🍃🌷 _____🌷🍃🌷 _______🌷🍃🌷 _________🌷🍃🌷 __________🌷🍃🌷 ___________🌷🍃🌷 ____________🌷🍃🌷 ____________🌷🍃🌷 ___________🌷🍃🌷 __________🌷🍃🌷 _________🌷🍃🌷 _______🌷🍃🌷 _____🌷🍃🌷 ____🌷🍃🌷 __🌷🍃🌷 _🌷🍃🌷 🌷🍃🌷 🌷🍃🌷 _🌷🍃🌷 __🌷🍃🌷 ___🌷🍃🌷 _____🌷🍃🌷 _______🌷🍃🌷 _________🌷🍃🌷 ___________🌷🍃🌷 ______________🌷🍃🌷 _________________🌷🍃🌷 ___________________🌷🍃🌷 ______________________________🌷🍃🌷•°``°•.🌹¸.•°``°•. ‎کٌٌٍٍٍٍْْْْلَمًـآتٌـکْ آروٌعٌ مًنِ آلَخِـيــــآلَ وٌأجّـمًلَ مًنِ ضًـيآء آلَقُمًــر أحًتٌــرت فيما اكتب لَک فُـکْتٌـبً آحًتٌـرآمًي وٌتٌـقُدٍيري لَکِْ ِ .•°``°•.🌹¸.•°``°•.