Nacho average Saturday night. We’re open rain or shine tonight! ☔️🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818 @tacoselpatron818 tacoselpatron818 Tacos El Patron

Cheesy quesatacos are the best way to complete Taco Thursday! We’ll be open until 12 as always – roll through! 🔥🌮🧀 #tacoselpatron818
The only thing better than al pastor is al pastor in slo-mo! 🐷 Who’s coming through for Taco Tuesday!? 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818
Surf and turf all in one cheesy quesadilla – it doesn’t get any better! Come through and end your night with our Patron Shrimp & Asada Quesadilla! 🔥🦐🥩 #tacoselpatron
It doesn’t matter how you set up your taco plate on Taco Tuesday, as long as you’re setting up a plate.👌🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818
Top plate, bottom plate or both?! We’re open rain or shine tonight! 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818
Unless you’re talking about our curly fries, don’t get it twisted, there’s no better way to spend FRYday than with some crispy Patron Fries! 👇 Tag a friend who could eat both of these! 🔥🌮🍟 #tacoselpatron818
Who else agrees it’s a quesataco kind of night? 🧀 The tortillas are made of pure melted queso! 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron
Who’s ready for Mulita Monday?! 👊 FIRST SEVEN comments to tag seven friends receive a FREE mulita! 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818
Taco Thursday ain’t nothin’ but a thing! Who’s starting or ending ending the night with some tacos tonight?! 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron818
It’s Taco Tuesday but after seeing this it might turn into Quesadilla Tuesday. 🧀🦐Tag a friend who would love this quesadilla! 👇 #tacoselpatron818
Once you try our curly fries burrito, you’ll never go back to a regular fries burrito! 🌀🍟 Who’s having one tonight? 🔥🌯 #tacoselpatron
It’s a vampiro de asada kind of night. Crispy tostadas, melted cheese with choice of meat. The only question is how many? 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron
It’s not FRYday yet but we let our imagination run wild here at Tacos El Patron! 🤪 FIRST TEN comments to tag seven friends receive a FREE order of regular or curly Patron Fries! 🔥🍟 #TacosElPatron818
Our Patron fries are some of the best you’ll ever try but our name is TACOS El Patron for a reason! 💥 Come through tonight and try our cheesy queso tacos! 🔥🧀🌮 #TacosElPatron
It’s FRYday and the question isn’t asada or shrimp – because you can get both – the question is regular or curly!? Roll through and celebrate FRYday with Tacos El Patron! 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron
We’re beyond excited and grateful to announce that starting THIS Friday-Sunday in our same location, we’ll be transforming from Tacos El Patron to @birrieriaelpatron818 and be serving up some of our specialty birria de res! 🐮 We’ll go from 9am - 3pm! 🔥🌮 #TacosElPatron
Burritos down the line! 🌯 Who thinks they can finish all these? 🔥🌮 #tacoselpatron
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